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A letter for Tamuno


Tamuno stared wistfully at the letter on his desk. It was inside a white envelope that bore the company’s logo.

He has not been himself since one of the HR officers delivered the letter to him at exactly 4:45pm. The letter completely rattled him. It was the last thing he expected after all the assurances that he got.

It was getting close to 5:00pm, the official closing time of the company. But he was in no hurry to go home on that particular day. He was lost in thought.

He had a good reason to be worried. In the last few days, employees of the company have been receiving sack letters from HR. No less than 80 employees in the organisation that has a staff strength of about 200, have been affected by the ongoing retrenchment exercise…

Finally, Tamuno summoned enough courage to open the letter. His hands shook like a leaf as he did so.

The letter was terse.

Dear Mr. Tamuno,

Consequent on the restructuring exercise embarked upon by the organisation, I have the pleasure to inform you that you have been elevated to the position of Financial Controller with effect from 1st March.

It is the hope of Management that you will see your new appointment as a challenge to redouble your efforts in the face of the daunting business environment in which we operate.

Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.


The letter was signed by the Human Resources Director.

Tamuno nearly passed out with relief when he finished reading the letter that had got him so worked up.

Then he burst into laughter.