The Familiar Stranger

Familier Stranger full

Excerpts from The Familiar Stranger and Other Stories, a new novel by Frederick Mordi

As Tambolo chewed the big lump of bush meat dripping with oil, absent-mindedly, the thought flashed across his mind again. He had been struggling with his conscience since Avarice, an old friend, dropped the idea on his mind.

“Opportunity,” Avarice had argued passionately, “comes but once. Here is your chance to strike it rich—the chance you have been waiting for! You won’t have to take rubbish from anybody again. Strike while the iron is still hot. Delays are dangerous!”

“No! Don’t do it!” Conscience pleaded with Tambolo, “it is a criminal act. Adverse conditions do not last forever. You are passing through a stage in your life. Fight on to the last and your reward shall be great. Banish this evil thought from your heart once and for all. While there is life, there is hope.”

Both thoughts played ping pong in Tambolo’s mind…


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4 responses to “The Familiar Stranger”

  1. Rosemary Erazua Oniha says :

    Wow! So beautiful. Congratulations my bro. I am proud of you. Dont forget to invite me for the launching.

  2. Michael Amanyi says :

    Nice Book you got there Freddy, I was opportuned to scan through it from a friend, I’ve been trying to get the book but couldn’t . Nice one once again

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