Book Review: Twelve Pillars

Title:                Twelve Pillars

Author:         Jim Rohn and Chris Widener

Publisher:      Jim Rohn International

Reviewer:     Frederick Mordi

Pages:            127

Genre:           Novel

Price:            $12.95


Twelve Pillars is a novel that provides a road map for success in life. The 127-paged publication is divided into 12 chapters, each with a theme and a quote, which drives home the message intended for the reader. 

Chapter One which is entitled: ‘A Chance Encounter,’ features Michael Jones, a 40-year old salesman, who is having difficulties in his relationship with people. However, his chance meeting with Charlie, a gardener, an old man of about 70, changes his life for good. During the course of their conversation after Jones’ car broke down, Charlie, who helps him to fix it, notes that the salesman has a lot of potential, yet to be tapped because he has no purpose in life.

In the next 11 chapters, Charlie devotes his time helping Jones to fix himself first, then his relationship with his family, friends and other people. Charlie gives him the impression that he works for a wealthy man named Mr. Davies, who gave him the 12 pillars of success, which he offers to teach Jones.

They both strike a deal and for the next couple of months, Charlie teaches Jones how to become  successful in life. In chapter four, for instance, Charlie points out that time, effort and imagination, keep any relationship flourishing—be it in marriage or at the workplace— while in chapter seven, he stresses the importance of personal development in the attainment of success.

Charlie wraps it up in chapter 12, entitled: ‘Leave a Legacy’, when he challenges Jones to do something worthwhile that will make people to remember him.

The most interesting thing about the book is that ‘Charlie,’ is none other than Mr. Davies, owner of the mansion, where he works. He disguises himself to teach Jones a lesson in humility that he probably would not have learnt if he had revealed his true identity from the beginning. However, he dies before disclosing the twelfth pillar, which he writes down for Jones, who later picks it from Mrs. Davies.

The language is easily accessible to readers, due to its simplicity of style and presentation, while the text is well spaced out making reading a pleasurable experience.

In all, the publication offers a refreshingly different perspective into the concept of success. It is recommended to those who desire success in any endeavour in life.


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8 responses to “Book Review: Twelve Pillars”

  1. Leye Cornelli says :

    Very interesting. I’ll like to read the whole book. Nice review. Well done Fred!

  2. blessedbrother says :

    Jim Rohn was the man! Always bring great value! Thx for sharing!

  3. Inigh Okpo says :

    Seems like a great book describing the keys to living well. Must be worth the read Fred.

  4. kelechi says :

    someone should buy it for me.

  5. idoreyin says :

    Interesting, Where is 12 pillars sold?

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