A King’s Search for Happiness

The story is told of a certain king who suffered from chronic depression. Not even his wealth and power could dispel the gloom which hovered over his head like a nimbus cloud. He yearned for sunshine in his life.

And so he consulted his wise men for a remedy.

After contemplating the delicate matter before them, the king’s wise men declared that he would indeed find happiness if he could wear the shirt of a perfectly happy man.

Even though the remedy for his malaise appeared quite strange, the king nevertheless wasted no time in dispatching his officials in search of such a person. The royal search party went all over the kingdom visiting both the rich and the poor; the beautiful and the ugly; and the tall and the short. They were meticulous in their search. But it was all in vain.

No one seemed to fit the description of such a person in his entire kingdom.

When it looked as if they would return to the troubled king, empty-handed, the weary officials suddenly saw a man walking towards them with a steady gait. Their tired faces lit up at once.

The man looked completely happy!

Alas, their joy was short-lived. The man had no shirt.


Happiness is the desire and ultimate goal of every human being. That is why mankind has been searching for lasting happiness since the dawn of time. Few find it, but none can sustain it. The key to finding happiness lies in being content with what you have.


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3 responses to “A King’s Search for Happiness”

  1. blessedbrother says :

    It is ok to have stuff as long as that stuff doesn’t have you!

  2. Ethan says :


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